What is a Gateway, and where can it be placed?

What is a Gateway, and where can it be placed?

The gateway is a device that uses state-of-the-art radio technology to talk to the sensors, then uploads their data to the internet through a cellular modem. Using a single gateway to talk to multiple sensors is how we are able to offer these data services at such incredible prices!

Here are the two options, when it comes to gateway locations:

On a pivot
This is the standard place to put a gateway. We will install the gateway on top of the pivot span close to the pivot point. This generally lets the radio reach the entirety of the pivot field, as well as the near half of the neighboring fields.

On a pole (which we will install)
If installing on a pivot isn’t an option, then you can always have us install the gateway on a pole instead. This takes some additional equipment and time, it will result in a slightly lower discount for the sensors at this location. Please keep in mind: The area needs to be free of hazards (such as electrical lines) both above ground and below ground at the location you chose. It is also best to place the pole at a high-point in elevation, to assure we don’t lose connection to sensors when they are under tall crop canopy late in the season.

For both liability and technical reasons, we unfortunately cannot place gateways on existing structures other than pivots.