How to set up a grower to view premium imagery with SST viewer

How to set up a grower to view premium imagery with SST viewer

Open SST Summit on your PC and follow these steps:

1. Select Premium Services on the left side menu
2. Select SST (this is for viewer setup)

3. Create New Account  (If you do not already have your own self-sponsored account, create one for yourself.)

4. Input the Users email, First name, Last Name, and Account Type

5. Select the Grower that belongs to that User

6. Select the Data Types you want to share.

7. Confirm their Measurement System

8. Review the Account and then select “Create Account”

9. Grower Receives an email inviting them to login. Once they have confirmed this account they will go to in the future, login and can see their data types shared to them and imagery. 
10. In the Servi-Tech Sirrus iPad app, The Servi-tech agronomist has to “enroll” this grower's fields into the imagery program, so this imagery can be viewed by the grower in the viewer.

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