How far does the wireless connection between the gateway and probes reach?

How far does the wireless connection between the gateway and probes reach?

When you place a Gateway on the map in Bridge Builder, you will see two circles. The green circle in the map shows the area that will definitely have adequate radio signal, even if there is rough terrain. The yellow circle shows where there should be adequate radio signal in nine out of ten situations.

While we can’t technically guarantee that a sensor in the yellow area is going to be able to connect to the gateway, we can say that unless you have thick treelines, hills, and/or metal buildings blocking the way,you’ll probably be fine placing soil moisture sensors there. Sensors that sit up high, or outside of crop canopy, (like the rainfall and pivot monitor), will have even less trouble getting a good signal.

What about placing a sensor outside of the yellow area? Imagine that you are standing where the sensor will go, and looking at the spot where the gateway will go. If there is absolutely no crop canopy, trees, buildings, hills, or anything else blocking the view from the sensor to the gateway, then it will probably still get a signal just fine. If you are placing a soil moisture sensor in a corn field, then the corn canopy will usually limit your range to staying inside the yellow circle.

Remember that if we have to deploy a second gateway to reach sensor locations that are placed too far out, it could increase the cost by up to $400 per sensor per year.
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