Export shape files from Servi-Tech app (Sirrus)

Export shape files from Servi-Tech app (Sirrus)

Shape files can easily be exported from the Servi-Tech app on your iPad and stored either locally, or in iCloud or Drive storage. This came up as someone was trying to import field boundaries while placing a bridgebuilder order on their iPad. From any of the Grower, Farm, or Field views in the Servi-Tech app, select activities. Then click the share button at the top right of your screen (the square with the arrow pointing up.) 

Click on Shapefile, and then select Shapefile (Zipped). It will need to be zipped to import it into Bridgebuilder. 

Next, select Field Boundary and Management Zones Only, and select the fields you want to export.

Once you  have your fields selected, click on the share button once again and select Save to Files.

Then just choose where you want to save the file. Google Drive is a good choice if you have that app installed on your iPad.

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