BridgeLookup Info Unfinished BridgeBuilder Order to Account Activation & Order Completion

BridgeLookup Info Unfinished BridgeBuilder Order to Account Activation & Order Completion

Go to or the Reseller’s white labeled order page.


Start by entering in the Grower Email Address and first name. That will activate the “Restore Previous Order” button if there’s an unfinished order in the system.

If you don’t have a Bridge account or Gmail address, you’ll need to create a Bridge account by selecting the blue Create one link circled here in red.

To create a new account fill out the form shown.

When finished select Create My Account.

If successful you’ll receive this confirmation screen.

Go to your email

This is an example of the email you will receive.

You’ll need to select the Activate My Account button finalize your Bridge account

After selecting the Activate My Account button you’ll be redirected to this page.

You’ll need to login here to complete the Bridge account activation and continue with the Bridge order confirmation process.

Enter in either your login information and select Login or if you have a Gmail account, select Sign in with Google.

Once you’ve logged into you new account,you’ll be presented with a list of unfinished orders, if you have more than one. You  can delete the unwanted orders and Resume the one(s) that are valid.

If you only have one incomplete order you’ll be taken directly to it, bypassing this page.

Review your order once more and select the Continue button.

This is the top portion of the End-User Terms and Conditions (EULA).

Scroll down to see the confirmation checkbox.

Select the checkbox labelled I Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Select the Continue button.

Review the Billing & Contact Information.

Select the Submit button.

Now your order and Bridge account have been placed and created successfully.

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